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(Walmart) Michu Natural Clumping Tofu Cat Litter 5.5lb/88oz

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Looking for a cat litter that's easy to clean and gentle on your cat's paws? Look no further than Michu Tofu Cat Litter! Made from all-natural ingredients, this odour-free and clumping tofu-based formula makes cleanup a breeze.

Lightweight Absorbent Formula
A little bit of Michu goes a long way – it will absorb up to four times its dry weight in fluid – so it will keep absorbing for longer than other litter varieties

Michu Tofu Cat Litter Is Formulated Using Premium Ingredients And Advanced Technology

5.5lb for 1 pack. 2 packs  tofu cat litter, added to a litter tray for one cat, will provide continuous waste absorption for an entire month – this means no more twice weekly litter tray make overs!

  • For the sophisticated feline, Michu Litter puts a touch of luxe back in the litter box
  • Formulated from premium ingredients and using advanced technology, Michu will deliver a litterbox experience fit for a King… or Queen
  • With quick and easy daily removal of solid waste and clumped deposits, your cat's litter needs are taken care of for the month
  •            Fast Clumping and Easily Scoop-able
  • Michu instantly traps liquid on contact with the litter pellets, forming discreet clumps that do not break apart, even during removal from the tray with a litter sieve or scoop
  • This superior clumping action means the soiled litter can be easily removed without wasting any of the remaining fresh, dry litter - leaving the tray always ready for your cat to use
  • Unscented and Odour Neutralising
  • Superior and instant absorption action allows Michu to eliminate odour from the litter tray quickly, and the unscented formula will not overpower your felines delicate sense of smell.
  • Low Tracking Means Low Mess
  • Say goodbye to crumbling and dusty litter!
  • Each individual Michu pellet is durable and tightly compacted to prevent break down of the litter, and production of dust, while it is in use in the tray
  • Michu packaging has been specifically designed to protect the individual litter pellets until the pack is opened and the litter is added to the tray
  • With Michu in the tray, your cat will not be gathering dust and litter particles, in their paws or fur, to track across your floors!
  • Petite Paw – Friendly Pellets
  • Michu is kind on paws but tough on waste – the smooth texture and small size of the pellets feels inviting and comfortable under cat’s paws when they dig and walk in the litter tray
  • Easy Use and Tidy Storage
  • Storing open bags of litter in the home can be inconvenient and messy – they get in the way and there are litter spills every time the tray is cleaned and filled
  • With Michu, you simply open a 5.5lb pack, empty the entire pack of litter straight into the tray, then place the empty bag straight into the recycling bin – there are no messy packs of litter left open anywhere in your home
  • The tidy, compact and attractive design of the Michu packaging means your fresh litter can be easily and conveniently stored on a small shelf in any household cupboard or kitchen pantry
  • 100% Natural & Biodegradable
  • Michu Tofu Litter is derived from natural pea making it a safer litter for your pets and family
  • Because it is biodegradable, it quickly breaks down after use and is friendly to the environment. 
  • Note:

    Multiple Cats: If you have more than one cat, it's likely that you'll need more than one bag of Michu cat litter per month.

    Multiple Litter Trays: Using several litter trays simultaneously may increase the amount of Michu cat litter required.

    Larger Litter Tray Size: Opting for larger-sized litter trays could necessitate the use of additional Michu cat litter.

    Higher Toilet Frequency: Cats that tend to use the litter box more frequently than their counterparts might lead to increased consumption of Michu cat litter.

    Recommended Litter Depth: To ensure your cats' comfort, we suggest maintaining a consistent 2inch depth of Michu cat litter in the litter box, regardless of its size.

    • 100% Healthy & Natural
    • Cluster in 3 Sec
    • No dust
    • Odour Control
    • Easy to clean
    • Flush to toliet
    • Natural Scents

    Brand: Michu

    Ingredients:100% Canadian Natural Snow Pea (human grade), natural plant fibre, natural binding agents (NO clay or bentonite)

    Weight:5.5lb/6L per pack

    Package Size: 14 x 13 x 4 inch