Mayitwill Castle Cat Water Fountain Replacement Filter 3Pcs


Wolves and wild cats don't drink from flat, boring bowls. With the Water Fountain Replacement Filters from Mayitwill, you can maintain a moving stream, right in your living room! These carbon filters help your BFF's drinking water stay clean by working to knock out bacteria. A cotton-fiber outer layer catches those large pieces—like hair and food—while the activated carbon helps to cleanse and purify. She'll love the great taste of purified water and you'll love that your favorite furball has access to water without impurities!

  • This value pack comes with 3 replacement filters for your fountain.
  • Activated carbon helps to filter out contaminates and bacteria.
  • Cotton outer-layer works to catch larger particles, such as pet hair and food.
  • Helps to purify your water for 6-8 weeks at a time.
  • Compatible with the Mayitwill Castle Cat Water Fountain.