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MAYITWILL All in One Soil Free Cat Grass Grow Kit


Even cats like greens! Cat experts say that cats eat grass to cleanse out their digestive systems and for folic acid. However, your cat could be eating it just because it enjoys the taste. If you catch your cat munching on grass, it is time you make sure that it is eating grass that contains no harmful substances! This easy-to-grow cat grass kit will ensure that your cat eats only organic grass that is free from pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

MAYITWILL All in One Soil Free Cat Grass Grow Kit contains all that you need to grow cat grass for your kitty to munch on.

Key benefits:

  • All in One Kit: The kit contains a soil-free medium for seed germination, high-quality wheat seeds that are ideal for cats, and a self-watering pot to hold water for germination.
  • Superior Quality: The kit is made of high-quality durable plastic that is non-toxic, BPA free and certified food grade.
  • Aesthetic Grass Grow Kit: The kit is aesthetically designed so it looks pretty sitting on your kitchen counter or window sill and adds to the cozy ambiance of your home.
  • Organic Seeds: The kit contains only organic wheat grass seeds that are safe for consumption. The seeds contain no harmful chemicals.
  • Easy to Grow: The kit is very easy to use and requires little care. Just follow the given instructions, add the seeds to the inner pot and water to the outer pot. Insert the inner pot in place and leave it in a sunny spot. The seeds germinate in 4 – 6 days and the grass is ready to be harvested.